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Updated 8/7/2006

Welcome to Plamo-Warrior DX !
This is a site dedicated to Gundam and Mecha modeling and general anime madness.
I'm Kevin Comer. My alias is U-recca at CoM and other model forums.
Feel free to look around and thanks for stopping by!


Heya! go to http// to see the new site. Not much on content, but I've got a few more pics of the Shiki and some IPMS Nationals pics too. You'll need to copy paste the link cause I'm too lazy to html it. :-P


Hello all! My Hyaku Shiki MG is now complete. It's been a while since I've completed a piece. I'll talk about the reasons later on. I do hope to have a little bit more time coming up to complete more works. This kit took forever to complete it seems. I added a few custom accessories and some mobility mods which I'll show you later. For now I hope you enjoy this lonely pic. The lighting sort of sucks on this pic, but I hope to have some add'l pics taken later on.



Back to Gunpla, and to my Zeta Revision Project. Next up is the MG Hyaku Shiki. Last time I talked a bit about the priming and puttying. Now  I've added some mobility mods to give the kit a better sense of, well, movement. Mainly added to the groin area and the ankles.  It also gives the kit a bit of lift. Sorry the progress reports a bit scattered, but I'm positive you'll get the idea.  Please have a look!!
PS...NO I didn't do the torso! HA! :-P


Took a few pics and added some thoughts...actually quite a few thoughts on this diecast marvel! This has to be the coolest action figure ever! Check it out!


WOW! Just got Fewture's Exclusive Hobby Japan Ex Goken Getter Robo.  This thing is stacked and heavy too, but I've only been able to take a peek inside the box so far. Wanna take a look? C'mon let's check it out!


Happy New Year!!
I do hope everyone has had a good Christmas. I've finally finished my last kit of 2005. Now I'm showing it of in 2006! Please welcom the 1/20 SAFS Fireball SG from Wave. I'm submitting this one for the Group build over at Fichtenfoo Forums. This kit was fun, but I can't wait to get back to Gunpla! Anyway, enjoy this new kit and I'll have more stuff in the next few months! Have a safe New Years eve and a great NY's Day!


Happy Halloween and All Saint's Day! I think I'm going to need some Pepto for all that candy I've been eating! Well, I just wanted to give a quick update and to let everyone know that I've started a Guest Gallery page! Yep! To kick things off right I've got some photos of awesome works by our friends at famed Rainbow Ten in Japan!! That's right! They were kind enough to share with us some of their unique and professional works! Pictured below is a kit from Mr Nao at the Info desk! It's a 1/100 scale Zaku Cannon!  It's got a few mods here and there with some custom air ducts and zemmerit coating! Great job, Nao! There's also a kit from Mr Ohmura from the RT staff, but you gotta click the photo to see more of their amazing works!  What are you waiting for!! Check out the new Guest Gallery !!
Well, I'm off to check out my Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith DVD!! As If I wasn't geeky enough! Later! :-P


Believe in Z  !

Hiya, people! Well, I thought I would take some time to post some pix of my Gei-Drei or MAN-010 G-3 that I won from the NKG comp over this past spring.  This is a mecha design by none other than Kazuhisa Kondo. It's a Mobile Armor from Zeta Gundam Side Story. This is a 1/144 scale kit generally to be built as a fixed pose resin kit, however I'm modding it to transform to it's MA form. Since it's 1/144 scale it give me a lot of opportunity to incorperate some of Bandai's injection plastic HGUC kits as part of my Zeta Renew Project.  I've got a color shceme picked out and everything too. I've still got a long way to go, but I've got the primary joints/limbs 79% completed. I've been using Wave and Kotobukiya joints and they both work pretty well. The pix of the YRMS TTT Hizack can still be found at Zeta Gundam Renewal Project . Anyway,  I have to go now, but I'll write some more commentary about the progress later on. For now, check out the pics.



Please check out for details and winners of the recent online modeling competition. I simply cannot believe it....and I apologize if I sound haughty, but  my PG GP01Fb dio won FIRST place in the Gundam catagory. Check out Zephyranthes Chronicles: PG GP01/Fb Diorama to see the piece that took home the top prize. I am very humbled, honored and blessed to have participated and won along side so many excellent works. Thanks to the judges!


With all that said, your patience is greatly appreciated while the ZRP continues! Hopefully when all is complete, you will believe in a sign of Zeta!




Not final picture, a before photo.

And so it begins. My Zeta Renewal project is a go! Four Murasame is my very first resin figure and also the first of three kits in the project! I do hope you enjoy! Check out more of Four @ Zeta Gundam Renewal Project




Ok. I've finished snapping and test fitting the new OYW version Gundam. After I finish the PS2 game, maybe I'll feel like painting the kit. Mission 24 hard mode is kicking my tail!
I've updated my links page with some excellent Modeling sites. Be sure to check them all out @ Links

Gazelle the Peacemaker. Beyond the Grave.


Heya! Check out the Gazelle and Grave gallery in Anime, Action Figures, Comics, Chogokin, etc....

YAY! First Place Winner of Pazu's "We Got Balls!" Compy!!


Here's a photo of the completed Heavy Blade for the GP01 Ground Version. More pix to come later on!


Zephranthes Chronicles: PG GP01/Fb Diorama!!
I can't believe it! The hangar dio is finished, as well as all the principle painting, building and detailing. There are currently 24 pics of the Perfect Grade  GP01 which include the Gundam in  Full Burner mode, in the hanger and the internal frame. Pix of the GP01 Ground version are coming soon. So for now go to Zephranthes Chronicles: PG GP01/Fb Diorama to see more!



Project Zephranthes is complete, but the pictures are still being taken. Enjoy this lone photo and check out the progress pics @ Project Zephyranthes !



The Gundam F-91 gets a decent treatment by Bandai's Gundam Fix Figuration line. Check out this figure and new Mobile Suit figures @ My Gundam Fix, MSiA Collection page!
I have also updated the Links page with a cool modeling site that offers INCREDIBLE custom decals by Peter "bawoo" Savin! There are alo also a few other links added!
Last but not least my SIC page has been updated with some new figs. I hope to have the Max Factory Guyver figure and Bandai's Movie Realization Devilman up soon. So for now , go to Super Imaginative Chogokin to see the new stuff.

Mission Complete....
The MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka .  This kit was difficult to shoot in bird mode and with the Buster Rifle. The bird mode barley fits within the frame and , well, the MS has trouble holding the rifle quite frankly. Oh well, I hope you enyoy what I have so far. I will be taking a few more additional pix and then the kit is going on my shelf next to the RX-78-2 Ver. Ka. *_*


Enjoy all 21 pictures  @  GP03S Dendrobium Orchis



Let's enjoy some Gundam models!

Contact me for questions or comments:


Gundam is a trademarked intellectual property of Yoshiyuki Tomino and of  Sotsu Agency- Sunrise!
I just build models of  'em and take pix is all! 8^P

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